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Credit Policy; Medal Policy; Title Description; Permission Description

2# Credit Policy
3# Medal Policy

4# Title Description
5# Permission Description
Credit Policy

Total credit Formula: Total credits=Posts*1.0+The Digest Posts*20+Prestige*2+Contribution+Wisdom

1. More credit means more permission. See 5# for details.

2. How to increase credit according to above formula:
Post more threads
Post more digests. High quality psots deserve some award (Prestige, Gold, Contribution or Wisdom).

3. On the contrary, poor post will result in penalty.

4. Taking part in activity and discussion can get  bonus.

Gold is the exchange currency in this community. Gold can be used to buy props, attachment on sale and so on. They are exchangeable among Gold, Prestige, Contribution and Wisdom.

Medal Policy

Medal deatils: http://www.our-soft.net/medal.php

All Medals
Diligence Awardstudious person
Application Condition
Posts ≥ 200   and   Digests ≥ 1
Excellent StudentA student of fine qualities and fine scholar
Application Condition
Posts ≥ 300   and   Digests ≥ 1
Happy AngelBring joy to the community
Application Condition
Posts ≥ 400   and   Digests ≥ 1
Improvement AwardVisible progress
Application Condition
Posts ≥ 450   and   Digests ≥ 2
Helping Other PrizeMan of zeal
Application Condition
Posts ≥ 500   and   Digests ≥ 5
Impartial and Incorruptible AwardOutspoken
Application Condition
Posts ≥ 600   and   Digests ≥ 10
Active StarSee you every day here
Application Condition
Posts ≥ 700   and   Digests ≥ 10
God of FriendshipGet along well with others
Application Condition
Posts ≥ 800   and   Digests ≥ 15
Permanent EmissaryCommunity activist with certain prestige
Application Condition
Posts ≥ 900   and   Digests ≥ 15
Elite AwardCommunity valuable talent
Application Condition
Posts ≥ 1000   and   Digests ≥ 20
Senior ExpertDemonstrate profound knowledge everywhere
Application Condition
Posts ≥ 1200   and   Digests ≥ 25
Hero PrizeMaking outstanding contrubution to community properity
Application Condition
Posts ≥ 1300   and   Digests ≥ 25
Erudition AwardAll-powerful specialist
Application Condition
Posts ≥ 1500   and   Digests ≥ 30
Loyal CustomerBe loyal to the community and work hard
Application Condition
Posts ≥ 1800   and   Digests ≥ 30
HumoristLike a humor seller
Application Condition
Posts ≥ 2000   and   Digests ≥ 40
Rising StarController of the future
Application Condition
Posts ≥ 2200   and   Digests ≥ 50
Outstanding Contribution PrizeGreat efforts for community sucess
Application Condition
Posts ≥ 2400   and   Digests ≥ 55
Forum InspectorNatural born leader
Application Condition
Posts ≥ 2500   and   Digests ≥ 55
King of KnowledgePlay with knowledge and the master fo the future
Application Condition
Posts ≥ 2600   and   Digests ≥ 60
King of StudyingThe most needed talent in 21st Century
Application Condition
Posts ≥ 2800   and   Digests ≥ 60
King of TestsNo test could fail
Application Condition
Posts ≥ 2900   and   Digests ≥ 66
Academic AuthorityThe summit of academy. So Cool!
Application Condition
Posts ≥ 3000   and   Digests ≥ 80

Title Description

User Group InformationMember Group[ Open ]
User LevelCredit StartRead PermissionJoin other GroupAction
Pre-school-9999999990Group Detail
Elementary school010Group Detail
Junior high school5020Group Detail
High school20030Group Detail
Junior college50040Group Detail
Undergraduate100050Group Detail
Master300060Group Detail
Ph.D.500070Group Detail
Post-doctoral800080Group Detail
Associate Professor1500090Group Detail
Professor25000100Group Detail
Academician30000110Group Detail
Lifetime Academician35000120Group Detail
Nobelist50000130Group Detail

Special Group[ Open ]
User LevelCredit StartRead PermissionJoin other GroupAction
Honorary Member-100Group Detail
God of Wisdom-100Group Detail
God of Test-100Group Detail

Permission Description

Permission of Moderator
    Edit, Delete, Ban, Review post. 5MB attachment.

Moderator Permission of rating post

Be allowed to rate post
Credits idCredits nameminimum scoremaximum scoremaximum score in 24 hours
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